Al Mujib dam cleaning

Mujib Dam is located in Wadi Mujib, between the cities of Madaba and Kerak, in the Madaba Governorate of Jordan. It is a rolled concrete dam with abutments of clay-core rockfill completed in 2004, after six years of construction. Highway 35, part of the historic King’s Highway, crosses the crest. The water it impounds is combined with desalinated water piped from brackish wells along the Dead Sea to the west in a reservoir holding 35 million m3 (1 billion US gallons) which primarily supplies Amman, 100 kilometres (62 mi) to the north helping to ease a very stressed national water supply.

JOSA has made Al Mujib dam cleaning as one of its ever going periodical activities in order to maintain one of Jordan’s natural treasures and to set an example of what visitors and outdoors men should act to words such a treasure:-

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