Chukar Release

The Jordan Hunting Sports Association, with the support of the Royal Farms and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, has held an activity to launch the Chukar
To nature in its series of start-ups since the beginning of the foundation Q, as this activity is considered the seventh since the foundation of the association and the launch of more than 5,000
Bird Chinar, since the establishment, where the activity included several areas for the release. Pictures were published in one area because of the protection of this area by the people
The area is from the violating fishermen, and we have reservations about publishing pictures of the rest of the areas
We ask our dear hunters to abide by the fishing schedule issued by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature to allow these initiatives to succeed
And to benefit from it in the future and to allow the chinar bird to multiply and reach its natural level in the Jordanian nature
Many thanks to the Royal Farms and the Royal Society for the Protection of Jordanian Printing and Television for covering this event, and to the municipality and the Local Council of Regions
That we launched it
The Jordan Hunting Sports Association works silently and lovingly to serve the country, the environment and nature

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